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Spring Surprise

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to all the new students and teachers! I hope you’re all enjoying your new classes, making new friends, and settling in. To everyone else, welcome back! Did you have a good spring break? You are seniors now, so please take care of the new students.

Spring is a season of growth and renewal – flowers are beginning to bloom, and new leaves are growing on trees. It makes me happy to be surrounded by the beautiful colours and fragrances of spring. I thought winter was over, but last Wednesday something surprising happened. I looked out of the window and it was snowing! It’s not my first time seeing snow in April because it sometimes happens in the UK, but it’s rare to see snowfall while the cherry blossoms are in bloom. 


The Fourth of July

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                                Fourth of July                                     July 14th, 2016


Good morning, everyone!

This month there was an important American holiday. It was on July 4th. It is called Independence Day but we usually just say, “the Fourth of July.” A long time ago, the U.S. was part of Britain. Originally, this holiday was meant to celebrate the United States’independence from Britain which happened on July 4th, 1776. At that time, we separated from Britain.

Nowadays, Fourth of July is kind of a “United States Day” for us. Some people are very patriotic on this day. Being patriotic means showing strong support or love for one’s country. So some people on this day wear clothes that are red, white, and blue. Red, White and Blue are the United States’ flag’s colors. Also, some past and present military members might wear their uniforms on this day. Additionally, many places in the U.S.will have the American flag displayed – even more than usual.

There are many public events on the Fourth.Some cities have parades which might have various community groups, kids, or marching bands walking or performing in them. There are also big concerts on this holiday. The most popular event for Fourth of July are firework shows,though. Most cities will put on a firework show for the public to watch. The Fourth of July is our main day for fireworks.

Some people may also use their own fireworks at home, but this is not legal everywhere. For example, in my city,we cannot use fireworks at home. It is too dry where I live – using fireworks could cause a fire.

The last big part of Fourth of July are BBQs. Most people have a BBQ at their home with their friends and family. We grill burgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc on the BBQ. Potato salad and baked beans are popular BBQ side dishes, as well as watermelon. This year my Dad made ribs,hot dogs, corn on the cob, grilled veggies, salad, and bread.

Overall, the Fourth of July is a fun day for people to get together with their friends and family and have a good time. If you ever have any questions about American culture or other holidays, please ask me.

This is my last morning speech until Fall, so to everyone: Have a good summer!! J


Hot dogs and corn on the cob, cooked by my Dad on the BBQ

Ribs, cooked by my Dad on the BBQ

Japanese translation:

#4モーニングスピーチ  7月4日  2016・714




今月アメリカにとって重要な祝日がありました。7月4日です。独立記念日といいますが、単にthe Fourth of July(7月4日記念日)と言うこともあります。昔はアメリカはイギリスの一部でした。本来、この祝日は1776年7月4日にアメリカがイギリスから独立したことを祝うことを意味するものでした。












 the Fourth of Julyは人々が友達や家族と一緒に楽しいひと時を過ごします。もしアメリカ文化や他の休日について何か質問があれば、私に聞いてください。












My Favorite Series

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 My Favorite Series                June 22nd, 2016


              Like many people, I love goodstories. I like them in many forms: comics, TV shows, music, and books. Thereis one series that is my favorite. I grew up with the characters. It is one that most people know: Harry Potter!

Ihave read all the books many times and seen all the movies. I got a wand for Christmas. I went to bookstores at midnight to get the books then stayed up allnight reading. I went to the midnight showing of many of the movies too anddressed up as a Hogwarts student (Gryffindor). This series has given me many greatmemories and it is one that will always be special to me and many other people.

              Now we are getting some new material from JK Rowling. Did you know there is a movie and a play coming out soon? The movie is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, set in New York. It will be interesting to see the world of Harry Potter in the United States. In England normal people (non-wizards/witches) are called, “muggles.” Now, JKRowling has said that in the U.S., they are called “no-maj” as in “no magic.” I don’t like this name. It is not as cool as “muggle.” It’s too simple orobvious. I wish the US had gotten a better name. Actually, we have also learnedthat the magic school in Japan is called, “Mahou Tokoro.” Do you like this name? Please tell me.


Thankyou for listening and have a great day, everyone!

 私の大好きなシリーズ物            2016年6月22日



 多くの人と同じように、私はシリーズ物が大好きです。 マンガ・テレビ番組・音楽・本にはたくさんのシリ-ズ物があります。 その中で私のお気に入りがあります。 私はそのキャラクター(登場人物)達と一緒に成長してきました。 そのシリーズはほとんどの人がよく知っています。 何だと思う? ハリー・ポッター! 私は全巻何回も読んで、映画も全部見ました。 クリスマスの時には「魔法の杖」を手に入れました。 新刊を買うために真夜中に本屋に行って、それから夢中になって夜通し読みふけりました。 映画を見るときはたいていミッドナイト・ショーでホグワーツのグリフィンドール生徒のコスプレをして行きました。 ハリー・ポッター・シリーズは私に本当に多くの思い出を作ってくれました。そしてハリー・ポッターは私にとっても、多くの他の人にとっても常に特別な存在です。

 今、JKローリングからの新情報が届いています。 新作映画が間もなく公開されるのを知っていますか?  その映画は「Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find(邦題:ファンタスティック・ビーストと魔法使いの旅)」で、舞台はニューヨークです。 ニューヨークでのハリーポッター・ワールドを見るのはわくわくします。 イギリスでは魔法を持たない普通の人は「マグル」と呼ばれます。 今のところ、JKローリングはアメリカでは「no magic(意味:魔法を持たない)」ということで、魔法を持たない普通の人を「ノーマジ」と呼ぶとしています。 私はこの名前が気に入りません。 「マグル」ほどかっこ良くないし、あまりにも単純すぎない? 「マグル」よりもっとクールな名前なら良かったのに。 日本での魔法学校は「Mahou Tokoro(マホウトコロ)」と呼ばれています。 この名前皆さんはお気に入りですか? 私に教えてくださいね!

20161123日に映画公開Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find

(邦題:ファンタスティック・ビーストと魔法使いの旅)描かれている舞台は、1997年公開された「ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石」から約70年前のアメリカです。主役は、ハリー・ポッターたちがホグワーツ魔法学校の授業で使っていた教科書【Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find】を編纂した魔法使いです。



Moning speech 1,2

| by 職員


                        Welcome!!         April 20th, 2016


Good morning, Seiryo!


First of all, I want to say, “Welcome!!”to all the new students and teachers and “Welcome back!!” to the new second/thirdgraders and returning teachers. I hope you all are enjoying the first few weeksof the school year. Work hard this year but make sure you have some fun, too!

Now is a great time especially tohave fun because it is spring! It is finally warming up. A few weeks ago, forthe first time since winter, I didn’t have to wear a coat, hat, scarf, andgloves while riding my bike to school. I was so happy! Also, this year was thefirst time I saw cherry blossoms and could experience hanami. The trees were sobeautiful. My friends and I went to Ohira park to have our picnic. It was agreat day and I’m already looking forward to experiencing hanami again nextyear!

But even though I am happy right now,sometimes I also feel stressed or sad. So, to finish this speech, here is afamous springtime saying:

                 “April showers bring May flowers.”

Here, “showers” means rain showers. The quote means that badthings (April’s rain) will always be followed by something good later (May’sflowers). So, wherever you are in life now, please keep this in mind for whenyou are stressed or unhappy. There are good times and bad times in life but thebad times won’t last forever! Good luck everyone!!


※ 大まかな内容です。 


  April showers bring May flowers.
 "showers" とは雨のことです。このことわざは、『悪いこと(April shower)の後には、良いこと(May flowers)が起こる。』と言う意味になります。皆さんには、是非このことわざを胸に刻み、人生においてストレスを感じた時や悲しくなったときに思い出してもらいたいと思います。人生には良い時も悪い時もありますよね。悪い時は永遠には続かないものです。みんな、頑張ろう!

    My Golden Week                                         5/26/2016


Goodmorning, Seiryo!

Ihave lived in Japan since July 26th, 2015. These past ten months have beenamazing! Sometimes I do miss home, though. So for this Golden Week, I decidedto go back to California.

Istayed there for only about ten days but it was a great trip. I only told a fewpeople that I was coming home. My mom and dad were extremely surprised andhappy to see me and I was happy to see them too after ten months. The timedifference between California and Japan is currently 16 hours so it isdifficult to find time to talk to those I know back home. When they’re free, I’mat work. When I go to sleep, they wake up. So I was really happy to seeeveryone during my trip.

Idid many things while I was in California. I went to the beach, hiked a fewtimes, had a picnic at the park, and saw a musical. It was a lot of fun.Something else I really enjoyed was eating all of the foods I’ve missed sincecoming to Japan. Especially Mexican food. I ate several burritos throughout myvacation.

Livingin Japan for awhile has made me appreciate California much more. When I firstcame to Japan I was in awe because it is incredibly green here. It is very beautifulto me. It doesn’t rain as much in California so it is much less green. We havebrown hills which I never found very special because I was so used to them. Butwhen I returned, I could feel their beauty much more. There is a famous Englishsaying: “Absence makes the heart growfonder.” It means that being farfrom something makes you love it even more.

SoI really recommend living abroad if you can. You will learn about a new countryand its people but I believe you will also come to love and appreciate your ownculture even more, too.











 *1 ブリトー  :肉とチーズをトルティーヤ*2でくるんだメキシコ料理

 *2 トルティーヤ:すりつぶしたトウモロコシから作る中央アメリカあたり


Welcome 2016

| by ALT

                        Welcome!!         April 20th, 2016


Goodmorning, Seiryo!


First of all, I want to say, “Welcome!!” to all the new students and teachers and “Welcome back!!” to the new second/third graders and returning teachers. I hope you all are enjoying the first few weeks of the school year. Work hard this year but make sure you have some fun, too!

Now is a great time especially to have fun because it is spring! It is finally warming up. A few weeks ago, for the first time since winter, I didn’t have to wear a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves while riding my bike to school. I was so happy! Also, this year was the first time I saw cherry blossoms and could experience hanami. The trees were so beautiful. My friends and I went to Ohira park to have our picnic. It was a great day and I’m already looking forward to experiencing hanami again next year!

But even though I am happy right now, sometimes I also feel stressed or sad. So, to finish this speech, here is a famous springtime saying:

                 “April showers bring May flowers.”

Here, “showers” means rain showers.The quote means that bad things (April’s rain) will always be followed by something good later (May’s flowers). So, wherever you are in life now, please keep this in mind for when you are stressed or unhappy. There are good times and bad times in life but the bad times won’t last forever! Good luck everyone!!















  April showers bring May flowers.

 "showers" とは雨のことです。このことわざは、『悪いこと(April shower)の後には、

良いこと(May flowers)が起こる。』と言う意味になります。皆さんには、是非このこ





My Short Trip to Taiwan

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     My Short Trip to Taiwan                                      3/22/2016


Goodmorning, everyone!


Last month I went on a small vacation to Taiwan. Taiwan is only afew hours away from Japan by plane. The country used to be called, “Formosa”which means beautiful island. And avery beautiful island, it is!

One great thing was the weather. It was warm in Taiwan. We couldwear short-sleeve shirts and shorts. It was a great change from the chillyweather in Japan. I really enjoyed it. My friends and I were able to experiencemany fun things in Taiwan. First, we went to the zoo in Taipei. It was very,very cheap – around 200 yen. We were able to see many different animals,including many native to Taiwan.

Near the zoo are some gondolas you can take to Maokong. These gondolascross over some beautiful green hills. You can see both gorgeous nature and thecity of Taipei from these gondolas. It was a wonderful view. Once we reachedMaokong in the hills, we had some tea and made music with some of the othercustomers. Some of us sang, while others played guitar, drums, or maracas. Itwas fun spending time with locals.

The next day, we went to a port city called Keelung by train. Mygroup of friends was separated from each other and we were lost for at least anhour. But by being lost, we were able to discover many interesting things thatwe wouldn’t have otherwise. After we found the rest of our friends again, wewent to the night market in Keelung. I went to a few night markets in Taipeibut this one in Keelung was the best. There is a street lined with lanterns,food stalls, and crowds of people. It was very lively. I recommend it if youvisit Taiwan.

The last thing we did in Taiwan was visit the tallest building –Taipei 101. Taipei 101 has the world’s fastest elevator. You can’t really feelhow fast it is except that your ears pop and there is a screen that shows howfast you are going to the top floor. It was crazy how fast it went. On a clearday, you can get a great view of the city from the top floor. Overall, I reallyenjoyed my visit to Taiwan and hope to go back someday soon.



| by ALT

                        Stress                 2/10/2016


T =Taylor

I =Izumi-sensei


T: Good morning,Seiryo! Today we have a special guest. His name is Izumi-sensei. He is anEnglish teacher here at Seiryo. So, Izumi-sensei, you said that you werereading a good book. What is it?


I: It is “TheUpside of Stress” by Kelly McGonigal of Stanford University.


T: Oh, wow. Thatsounds very interesting. What is it about?


I: She says that noone wants to be stressed. But the correct way to deal with stress is toconfront it directly and to view stress as a good thing, not a bad thing. Bydoing so, we can strengthen our resilience to stress. By telling other peopleabout our stress, we can reduce it. Doing things with other people is veryimportant. By facing the stress itself, we can be more confident. Stress ismeaningful; we should accept it to ultimately reduce it. Don’t try to escape it.


T: Do you eversuffer from stress, Izumi-sensei?


I: Yes, yes I do. Somany times. In my past, I thought stress was very bad. I think this was thecause of my past cancer. We can feel stress anywhere, even when we’re withother people. Even completely alone in a hospital room, I felt stress. So, Iwas looking for a book on how to deal with stress. And then I saw this book atthe bookstore.


T: Do you have anyother ways to cope with stress?


I: Doing somethingfor other people can reduce stress.  After we cope with stress, we will become strongermentally and physically. This is another good point of stress Positive thinkingis a good thing.


T: Wow, very wisewords, Izumi-sensei. I think everyone can benefit from thinking positivelytowards stress. Thank you very much for sharing with us today.


I: No problem. Havea good day. Bye!



Winter Vacation

| by ALT


Good morning,everyone!

How was your winter vacation? This winter vacation I was lucky to be able to do many things.I took the train to Tokyo on Christmas Eve to pick up my boyfriend and spent a few days there, including Christmas. It was my first Christmas away from home.It was very different than being in the U.S. on Christmas. We went out and sawsome sights in Tokyo such as the park in Shinjuku. Later that night, we were able to see an illumination in Tokyo Midtown. There were so many people there but it was the last day so we got in line. The line took us down into a shopping mall, through a few big conference rooms, back up onto the street, then finally we reached the illumination. The line was a little crazy but it was very beautiful to watch.

After we left Tokyo, we took the train to Shizuoka. On the way, we could see Mt. Fuji throughthe window. It was a beautiful sight! We went to Shizuoka to spend time with my younger sister. We went to Izu Shaboten Park, which had many animals and cacti. It was an early, long trip to the park from Shizuoka City and I almost didn’t go because I was so tired. But I’m glad I went. It was a very interesting place! The best part was seeing the capybara taking a yuzu bath. It was so cute. Now, capybaras are one of my favorite animals. I love their facial expression. This was one of my favorite moments of winter vacation.

On our last day in Shizuoka, on the way back to Utsunomiya, we stopped in Atami, a famous onsen town. Here, I was able to try onsen for the first time. The bath was so, so hot. It was crazy. After I got used to the heat, it was relaxing.

Finally, towards the end of winter vacation, we went to Disney Sea. I grew up going toDisneyland every year, so Disney parks are a very special place for me. As soonas I walked into Disney Sea, I was so happy! It is a beautiful park. My favorite ride was Tower of Terror. We have it in California but the story and design of the building are different. That evening, my boyfriend proposed. I was so surprised. So, now I am engaged!

This winter vacation was a very exciting and fun one for me. I was also able to relax a lot. I hope you all had a fun and relaxing winter vacation, too and thank you for listening to this morning speech.

Capybara at Izu Shaboten Park

                                                        冬 休 み






















た。私の好きなアトラクションは”Tower of Terror ”です。カリフォルニアにも同じもの







Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas!!!                     12/10/2015


Good morning, everyone! Today I am going to talk about my favorite holiday: Christmas! Christmas is the biggest holiday in the United States. This will be my first Christmas away from home and I am excited to see Christmas in Japan. So far I have been happy to see and hear some familiar things such as Christmas lights on people’s houses and Christmas music in stores. It really reminded me of home and I felt warm inside and smiled.

              I have heard that in Japan Christmas is spent with friends and New Years with family. In the U.S., we spend Christmas with our family and New Years with our friends. People do Christmas activities throughout December. Many people buy presents and Christmas cards for their friends and family. We decorate our homes and buy Christmas trees. We drive around looking at the Christmas lights on people’s houses. We listen to and sing Christmas songs. Sometimes people make gingerbread houses or cookies. Children visit Santa Claus at the mall. They sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas, then a photo is taken. We do these things to get into the “Christmas spirit.” The Christmas spirit is a warm feeling of happiness and excitement for Christmas.

              On Christmas Eve, children put out milk and cookies for Santa. On Christmas, we open all the presents. Most restaurants and stores are closed so we have a big Christmas dinner at home,similar to what we have on Thanksgiving, but with ham and eggnog, a thick,sweet drink made of eggs, milk, cream, and sugar. My mom is part Mexican so sometimes I eat tamales which are made of corn dough, filled with meat or vegetables, and cooked in a corn husk. Overall, it is usually a wonderful,relaxing, fun day!

           Thank you for listening to my morning speech. I’m excited to have my first Japanese Christmas this year!


Merry Christmas, everyone!!! 














| by ALT

Thanksgiving                 11/19/2015

Good morning,everyone!

Today I want to talk about the next holiday in the United States –Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it is on November 26th which is next week!

On Thanksgiving, we celebrate everything we are thankful for: our family, friends, pets, homes, food, and more. How do we celebrate? We eat! We have a big dinner with our family and friends. The most important food of Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey. A turkey is a big bird. It is bigger than a chicken. People wake up early and start cooking the turkey and other foods. Popular Thanksgiving foods are: turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes,and stuffing. Stuffing is chopped bread and seasonings that we put inside the turkey. It is very soft and delicious. After we eat, we break the “wishbone.”The wishbone is a bone that looks like a Y in some birds. Two people hold the turkey’s wishbone and break it. The person with the bigger piece can make a wish.

In the morning, many people watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Many people walk down the streets of New York. They are dancing,singing, and playing instruments. Also, there are very big balloons that look like characters. For example: Spongebob, Snoopy, Pikachu, or Thomas the Tank Engine. It is a very famous and fun parade.

The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday.” On Black Friday, stores have very big discounts. It is a very popular and crazy day to go shopping. Many, many people go to stores. It is very crowded. Every year,stores open earlier. Now, some stores open on Thursday evening, not Friday. Some people want to be the first customers so they sleep outside the stores intents. It is really crazy. The next Monday is called Cyber Monday. On this day,the internet shops give big discounts. I prefer Cyber Monday because I can shop at home in my pajamas with a cup of tea, relaxing.

Thank you for listening to this morning speech. Happy Thanksgiving!!   



Good mornig, everyone!

 Today I want to talk about the next holiday in the United States - Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving(感謝祭)はだいたい11月の第4木曜日です。今年は11月26日,next weekです!

 感謝祭では,感謝しているものすべてに対して祝福します。例えば,our family,friends,pets,homes,foodなど,もっとありますがそういうものにです。どういうふうにして祝福するのかわかりますか?We eat! すごいご馳走を食べるのですwith our family and friends. 感謝祭のディナーで一番重要なのはturkey(七面鳥)です。Turkey is a big bird. 鶏より大きい鳥です。みんな早起きしてturkeyやいろいろな食べ物を料理し始めます。人気のある感謝祭の食べ物は,turkeyとカボチャpie,クランベリーソース,マッシュポテト,詰め物料理です。Stuffing はturkeyの中に小さく切ったパンと調味料を入れたものです。とても柔らかくおいしいです。それを食べた後に,wishboneをおっかきます。ウィッシュボーンは鳥の体の中にあるYの形に見える骨です。二人で引っ張り合って,おっかけたあとで大きな方を持っていた方の人の願い事が叶うというのです。

 Thanksgivingの午前中は,テレビでthe Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade(番組名)を見ます。New Yorkの大通りに繰り出す人もいます。そして,dancingしたり,singingしたり,楽器を演奏したりします。それから,キャラクターの形をした巨大バルーンも姿を現します。Spongebob(スポンジバブ)やSnoopy,Thomas the Tank Engine(機関車トーマス)などです。とても有名で楽しいparadeです。

 Thanksgiving の次の日はBlack Fridayと呼ばれています。On Black Friday,お店は安売りの大売り出しをします。みんがそこでの買い物に夢中になってしまうような日です。ほんとうに大勢の人がお店に行くのです。とても混雑します。年々,開店時間が早くなっています。木曜日の夕方から始めるお店も出ています。金曜日になっていないのにね。一番目の来店客になりたくてお店の外でテントを張って寝て待つ人もいます。本当にcrazyです。Next MondayはCyber Monday と呼ばれています。この日には,Internet shops が大売り出しをします。私はCyber Mondayの方が好きです。なぜなら,家でパジャマ姿でリラックスしながらteaを片手に買い物ができるからです。

 Thank you for listening to this morning speech.  Happy Thanksgiving!!  








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