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Moning speech 1,2

| by 職員


                        Welcome!!         April 20th, 2016


Good morning, Seiryo!


First of all, I want to say, “Welcome!!”to all the new students and teachers and “Welcome back!!” to the new second/thirdgraders and returning teachers. I hope you all are enjoying the first few weeksof the school year. Work hard this year but make sure you have some fun, too!

Now is a great time especially tohave fun because it is spring! It is finally warming up. A few weeks ago, forthe first time since winter, I didn’t have to wear a coat, hat, scarf, andgloves while riding my bike to school. I was so happy! Also, this year was thefirst time I saw cherry blossoms and could experience hanami. The trees were sobeautiful. My friends and I went to Ohira park to have our picnic. It was agreat day and I’m already looking forward to experiencing hanami again nextyear!

But even though I am happy right now,sometimes I also feel stressed or sad. So, to finish this speech, here is afamous springtime saying:

                 “April showers bring May flowers.”

Here, “showers” means rain showers. The quote means that badthings (April’s rain) will always be followed by something good later (May’sflowers). So, wherever you are in life now, please keep this in mind for whenyou are stressed or unhappy. There are good times and bad times in life but thebad times won’t last forever! Good luck everyone!!


※ 大まかな内容です。 


  April showers bring May flowers.
 "showers" とは雨のことです。このことわざは、『悪いこと(April shower)の後には、良いこと(May flowers)が起こる。』と言う意味になります。皆さんには、是非このことわざを胸に刻み、人生においてストレスを感じた時や悲しくなったときに思い出してもらいたいと思います。人生には良い時も悪い時もありますよね。悪い時は永遠には続かないものです。みんな、頑張ろう!

    My Golden Week                                         5/26/2016


Goodmorning, Seiryo!

Ihave lived in Japan since July 26th, 2015. These past ten months have beenamazing! Sometimes I do miss home, though. So for this Golden Week, I decidedto go back to California.

Istayed there for only about ten days but it was a great trip. I only told a fewpeople that I was coming home. My mom and dad were extremely surprised andhappy to see me and I was happy to see them too after ten months. The timedifference between California and Japan is currently 16 hours so it isdifficult to find time to talk to those I know back home. When they’re free, I’mat work. When I go to sleep, they wake up. So I was really happy to seeeveryone during my trip.

Idid many things while I was in California. I went to the beach, hiked a fewtimes, had a picnic at the park, and saw a musical. It was a lot of fun.Something else I really enjoyed was eating all of the foods I’ve missed sincecoming to Japan. Especially Mexican food. I ate several burritos throughout myvacation.

Livingin Japan for awhile has made me appreciate California much more. When I firstcame to Japan I was in awe because it is incredibly green here. It is very beautifulto me. It doesn’t rain as much in California so it is much less green. We havebrown hills which I never found very special because I was so used to them. Butwhen I returned, I could feel their beauty much more. There is a famous Englishsaying: “Absence makes the heart growfonder.” It means that being farfrom something makes you love it even more.

SoI really recommend living abroad if you can. You will learn about a new countryand its people but I believe you will also come to love and appreciate your ownculture even more, too.











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